VCs, Angels & BBQ/Tapas with the other NI as a side order (Hold the sour cream).

Posted: July 22, 2011 in Reality Check
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What an opportunity to mix with your investment peers and catch up on the recent topics in the technology and investment world. Are we in a Bubble? US versus European VCs does style matter? Super Angels and inflated valuations? What next for NI? Boy will there be some bites on the night and not just around the food.

Steve Orr Director of NISP Connect and Alan Watts Director of the Halo Angel Network are inviting a select group of Angels and VCs to join them for a Drinks/BBQ/Tapas Bar evening in London. Please do come and share in the informal dialogue and what we are sure given recent experience will be an animated discussion around the common ground for investment for both Northern Ireland and London. A number of VCs and Angels will be travelling from NI/Belfast to join in the evening with new funds and emerging companies to hear feedback.

Venue:         Gordon’s Wine Bar 47 Villiers St, Strand, WC2.

(The back of the Terrace has been reserved)


Times:         From 5.30pm to 9pm+

Date:           Thurs 18thAugust, 2011

Hosted by:   

This evening is part of a continuing programme and we are very clear on the objectives, this is not a short term play for Northern Ireland. Rather more about continuity of connection and discussion with the rest of the European Angel and VC community to reap mutually beneficial rewards. Over the coming years from the seed of discussions started here in London we are sure the rewards will come as that entrepreneurial ecosystem in NI continues to grow. As we have seen already not only have the participants from London had a view on NI but very rarely do they leave without having touched on subjects and new connections on the London scene that further helped their own progress.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you in typical NI style on the evening. Gordon’s (some say the oldest and best wine bar in London) not along our normal Irish inspired venues theme, but  perhaps a more appropriate relaxed outdoor setting given the time of year. If you are an Angel or VC and would like to be invited to this private event or future gatherings please get in touch with me for confirmation details.

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